A serious motor vehicle collision can represent a dramatic change for the injured individual and his or her entire family. From medical bills to home accommodations, a catastrophic injury can result in devastating changes for years to come. Unfortunately, these medical treatments and physical renovations can quickly overwhelm an injured person’s financial stability.

With mounting debt, individuals can often seek monetary compensation in a personal injury claim based on several factors, including:

  • Medical treatment: From diagnostic tests and hospital stays to surgeries and physical therapy, a serious injury can quickly lead to financial devastation. Injured individuals can seek compensation for these medical bills.
  • Lost wages: While attempting to heal from a serious injury, people might have to either miss work entirely or work on a limited basis. This can result in smaller paychecks to deal with overwhelming medical debt.
  • Property damage: Depending on many factors, the vehicle could need repairs or replacing after a serious collision. The individual must rely on their insurance carrier to uphold their policies.
  • Pain and suffering: Aside from the medical bills, the injury might take an emotional toll. In one example, a paralyzed individual might never be able to hold their child in a loving embrace again. This emotional component to the serious injury is addressed through pain and suffering.

Additionally, injured individuals might find their insurance carrier unhelpful in many situations. Experts refer to this as “insurance bad faith.” The insurance carrier, while remaining a profitable business, must uphold their obligations and honor the terms of the insured’s policy. The carrier might attempt to deny, devalue or delay the insurance claim based on faulty research or a subjective investigation of the facts.

It is important that the injured vehicle occupants seek the guidance of a skilled personal injury attorney who can provide the answers, insight and representation needed to proceed efficiently through the legal process of monetary compensation.