A driver heading the wrong way is one of the scariest sights for motorists. According to AAA, 2,008 deaths occurred in wrong-way driving accidents from 2015 to 2018.

Wrong-way turns are split-second mistakes that might have fatal consequences. See below for the most common culprits of wrong-way accidents, so you can exercise caution if you find yourself in a similar situation.

Elderly drivers

Unfortunately, many older adults continue to drive well past their ability to do so safely. Advanced age often leads to slower reaction times and poor vision. If you worry about an older person in your life, consider trying to transition them away from driving.


Orlando is a worldwide tourist destination. One common cause of wrong-way accidents is unfamiliar roadways. If you see out-of-state license plates, try giving the vehicle space. Unfortunately, encountering a car driving the wrong way is typically unexpected and unavoidable. If you regularly drive in a confusing area, pay extra attention to drivers going the wrong way.

Drunk drivers

Most wrong-way accidents are a result of drunk driving. Again, you cannot plan for encountering an intoxicated driver making an illegal turn down a one-way road. However, you can drive during hours you are less likely to see drunk drivers.

Crashing into a vehicle going the wrong way is an incredibly frustrating and dangerous event. Between tourism, drunk drivers and the prevalence of older drivers, you will likely see a wrong-way turn at some point in Florida. Drive defensively and follow traffic laws to give yourself the best chance of avoiding an accident.