According to the U.S. Department of Transportation Federal Highway Administration, more than fifty percent of harmful or fatal car accidents occur at or near intersections. Of these crashes, nearly all are due to preventable driver errors.

Common reasons so many car accidents occur at dangerous intersections include lack of visibility, distracted driving, running a red light, poor weather and more. Familiarize yourself with the hazardous intersections in your city and safe driving tips to keep your family safe.

Most dangerous intersections in Orlando

You likely can already name a few dangerous intersections in Orlando, Florida. Reviewing the list of these common accident areas can help you stay extra cautious if your drive takes you through these intersections:

  • Aloma Avenue and Semoran Boulevard
  • Central Florida Parkway and John Young Parkway
  • Primrose Drive and Curry Ford Road
  • South Goldenrod Road and Lake Underhill
  • I-4 and 408 Interchange
  • Universal Boulevard and West Sand Lake Road

The combination of city traffic, the influx of tourists and navigating difficult merges and multi-lane highways make the above Orlando intersections especially treacherous.

Avoiding intersection accidents

Although you cannot prevent others’ negligent behavior or distracted driving, you can incorporate several safe habits to protect yourself and your loved ones. While driving, utilize your turn signals to show your intentions and proceed carefully when the light turns green. Avoid running yellow lights at intersections.

Keep an eye out for pedestrians, cyclists and other vehicles. Make sure to leave a buffer space between cars by not tailgating. Finally, avoid driving distractions like loud music or eating.

Combining defensive driving tips and awareness of dangerous intersections in Orlando can help you reduce the risk of car accidents.