Slip and falls at apartment buildings might be eligible for compensation. However, you need to provide some evidence that the apartment complex engaged in negligent behavior.

According to theĀ CDC, 800,000 people require hospitalization yearly from slip and fall injuries. If you believe your injury results from negligence, continue reading to see how you can prove your case.

Does the injury matter?

The severity of your injury determines how much you might win in a settlement. However, do not think you need a life-altering injury to pursue damages. Any trip to the hospital is expensive. Plus, if your apartment complex did something wrong, it does not matter how severe your injury is; they should help pay your medical bills.

Did you call 911?

A 911 call is good evidence to have for your case. You can get a recording of your call, which your insurance provider can use as proof of your injury. Calling 911 is even more critical if your apartment has no camera system to capture your injury.

Did paramedics attend to you?

If paramedics come to the scene of your accident, you want to tell them exactly what happened. They write a medical report that includes the cause of your injury. You should tell them if a loose railing or slipper surface contributed to your fall because this becomes useful evidence later.

It might be more challenging to prove a claim if you live in the apartment complex, especially if you walk the same way daily. This should not prevent you from pursuing damages for unsafe conditions that caused you to slip and fall.