It can be easy to take your safety for granted while driving, especially while driving around commercial trucks. While you may not have experienced an accident with a truck yourself, truck accidents are at a 30-year high. Spreading the word about what can cause these accidents can help prevent them, so here are three factors that can lead to truck accidents:

Blind spots

The majority of the area immediately surrounding a semi-truck is a blind spot for the driver. The 30 feet in front of and behind the truck, the front half of the left side, and the entire right side of an 18-wheeler is a blind spot for a truck driver. A good policy to remember is that if you cannot see the driver, they cannot see you.

Reckless driving

Speeding, not using turn signals, cutting off drivers and tailgating can be dangerous for both passenger vehicles and commercial trucks. When drivers do not respect the safety of those around them, they are endangering themselves and nearby drivers. It is better to assume the other driver cannot see you than to think they can and be wrong.

Poorly loaded cargo

When a truck does not have an even balance inside of the truck bed, it can become vulnerable to falling over or not being able to stop safely. High winds, icy roads, and fast driving can all become quickly dangerous if someone overloaded the truck, put too much weight on one side, or does not account for dangerous driving conditions while loading the vehicle.

Stay alert around trucks

These are only a few factors that can cause an accident with a truck that results in catastrophic injuries. While driving on busy freeways and highways, give yourself some extra space around these vehicles to protect yourself and your passengers around the big trucks of the road.