When a collision occurs between two moving vehicles, there is always the potential for catastrophic damage and injuries. This is especially true when one of those vehicles is a large and hefty commercial truck.

You should always exercise due caution when behind the wheel of a car, but this is even more so when driving near large trucks. By keeping a couple of essential auto safety tips in mind, you can do your part to protect yourself and others from a severe accident.

Be wary of large truck blind spots

Large trucks have broad blind spots, or no zones, that render you invisible to the driver. The areas immediately in front of and behind the truck are blind spots, but there are also zones alongside a truck’s trailer that are outside the driver’s field of view. It is important to always verify that you can perform a complete and safe pass before approaching alongside a truck.

Expect wide turns

Large trucks often turn wide out of necessity. This means that you should carefully avoid stopping at areas of an intersection that trucks might need to occupy when executing a turn. You should also be mindful about placing yourself between a turning truck and the curb, especially when the truck attempts to initiate a turn from the middle lane of traffic.

Being patient is the ultimate safety consideration that will keep you out of harm’s way when sharing the road with a large truck. If you experience an accident with a negligent truck driver despite your careful habits, though, you have the right to pursue an accident claim.