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What Is An Orlando Personal Injury Lawyer?

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An Orlando personal injury lawyer is a smart, principled and dedicated individual: Many years of school, adherence to a strict code and dedication to detail are all prerequisites to becoming an excellent attorney. In short, these professionals are the types of people you would want advising you during a negotiation or a trial.

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When Do You Need An Orlando Personal Injury Lawyer?

If you were injured playing sports, in a car accident, or even slipped during a shopping trip, and if the responsible parties were unwilling to cover your losses, then you may need to take legal action. Even if you happened to find yourself in the tragic situation of suffering from a wrongful death, you might be able to bring suit on your loved one’s behalf. The first step is contacting a lawyer.

How Do You Choose A Good Personal Injury Attorney?

Any lawyer you choose should probably have several key characteristics:

  • Intelligence
  • Knowledge
  • Precision
  • Integrity
  • Courtesy

Intellectually, attorneys should have a sharp mind honed by many years of academic study. Everyone who practices law must have a Doctor of Jurisprudence degree. Many earn this distinction after a standard postgraduate course awarding a doctorate or master’s degree. Florida lawyers must also pass a two-day bar exam that includes both state and national tests.

Personal injury lawyers in Orlando should know the technical details of the law. They need this knowledge to form arguments that protect your rights and get you the compensation you need to recover from your losses. This background also allows them to react quickly and appropriately to your opponents’ strategies.

Attention to the exact details of a case is one of the first skills that lawyers learn in school. Naturally, you would want someone to review all of the aspects of your case, including the circumstances that led to your injury, who was involved and any possible outside influences.

There are many seemingly minor points that could be critical to your case. Lawyers need to know the facts in your case — and facts from related state or federal cases that came before yours. It is only possible to maximize your chances of success after you have all the information that could change a judge’s decision.

Any attorney you choose should also be principled. Orlando personal injury lawyers swear to a rigorous ethical code once they pass the bar examinations. You and your case would be protected by many of the terms of this code:

  • They swear to keep your secrets
  • They swear not to profit from the information you tell them
  • They swear to take only cases that they honestly believe are debatable

The Florida bar oath also contains several promises to respect everyone involved in the legal process. This includes the judges, of course, but it also means that your lawyer would be honor-bound to treat the other parties in your case with civility and fairness.

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This integral courtesy does more than keep your communications polite. Politeness could potentially safeguard you against any number of criminal charges or countersuits, especially those regarding any real or perceived threats or harmful speech in your spoken and written exchanges with the court or the opposing side in your case.

How Do You Hire An Orlando Personal Injury Lawyer?

Someone becomes your personal injury lawyer once you formally agree to let them represent you.

Usually, this means you would have an initial meeting to discuss your problems, lay out some goals and form a contract.

After everything is official, your new attorney would use legal knowledge and an extended professional network to help you form arguments, file motions and make the legal decisions you need to put your life back together.

This attorney-client relationship is formally limited in some ways, but the informal side of it would probably go beyond your legal trouble. You could have a lifelong ally if you find the right lawyer — someone you can turn to again if times get tough.

Why Should You Hire A Personal Injury Attorney?

You should hire a lawyer because you need a qualified person on your side. It is usually safe to say that nobody is looking out for your best interests after an injury until you hire someone to legally represent you, hired specifically to secure your financial future after an accident.

Insurance companies may act like your friends, sending seemingly compassionate and friendly agents to give you money or reimburse you for your medical bills. Companies may offer you preemptive settlements, including PIP coverage, that seem like a lot of money. Attorneys for the other party may even approach you directly.

It is reasonable to assume that the opposing side has legal advisors operating somewhere, especially when you are up against large organizations. Whether that advisor is guiding policy or interacting with you directly, he or she would be working to advance the interests of your opponent.

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The other parties’ attorneys have an honor-bound duty to treat you with respect and fairness in their communications. Many people mistake this cordiality for a desire to help. That is why it is typically better to place your trust in someone you hired specifically to secure your financial future after an accident.

Who Is The Best Personal Injury Lawyer In Orlando For You?

Keep in mind that you would probably start looking for personal injury firms when you have problems you could not solve by yourself. You might be in physical pain from a medical condition or emotional distress from the loss of a loved one. You might not know what happens next. You could be frustrated, agonized and confused.

Aside from the academic and professional credentials, the best personal injury attorney in Florida would be someone who knows how to make you feel at ease, how to communicate clearly and how to help you figure out what comes next.

It will be someone who realizes that your problem is not just another case – it is your future.

Modoline Altenor is an Orlando lawyer with a Florida education and a proven track record. She handles all types of injuries. That includes complex issues, such as truck accidents, motorcycle crashes, pedestrian accidents, and premises injuries. You deserve someone who cares – someone with the background to understand your case and the tenacity to see it through to the end.

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