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Orlando Premises Liability Lawyers

You may be scouting out a premises liability lawyer because you or someone you care about has been injured while on someone else’s property, and you think you might be eligible for compensation.

You may wonder if what happened was your own fault, but you also feel that if the property owner had exercised greater care, the injuries would have never happened.

This happens to quite a few people who are injured on another person’s property wondering if they need an attorney in circumstances like:

  • Slips on snow and ice
  • Slip-and-fall injuries on stairs, steps and uneven surfaces
  • Amusement park accidents
  • Assault stemming from insufficient security measures
  • Dog bites
  • Swimming pool accidents
  • Sickness or injury from toxic fumes or chemical exposure
  • Injuries caused by improper building or premises maintenance

Although they suspect they are not to blame, they second-guess themselves enough that they don’t seek compensation for their injuries. If that’s where you are right now, we should talk.

I’m attorney Modoline Altenor, and I hope you will contact my firm, the Law Office of Modoline Altenor, P.A., so we can schedule a time to chat.

Don’t worry, there’s no initial cost or hard-sell pitch. Why? Because I’ll only take your case if I’m confident we can win. In fact, we won’t accept payment at all until you get paid what you’re entitled to.

Orlando Premises Liability Lawyer

You Deserve Justice And We Are Here To Deliver

The way most personal injury attorneys in Orlando advertise these days, I don’t blame you if you’ve put off seeking compensation.

There are literally hundreds of lawyers who will promise you the biggest settlements and the fastest paydays. But if they’re as confident as they say, why do they need you to pay them upfront?

Shouldn’t they have a vested interest in getting you the award or settlement you deserve? That’s our way at the Law Office of Modoline Altenor, P.A. Every premises liability client we take on gets our “FREE representation until you get paid” guarantee.

We’re not going to fill you with false hope, take your money and then leave you worse off than before. That’s not how we cultivate trust in our community.

Your Free Initial Consultation

You can tell us the details about what happened so we can determine if you are eligible for compensation for medical expenses, lost wages, emergency transportation and other costs associated with your injuries.

If you are eligible, we’ll outline the steps we’ll need to take from there. In most cases, after you supply us with the initial information, my staff and I will be handling all the heavy lifting.

You can breathe a sigh of relief, knowing that you’ve got a proven premises liability attorney on your side! Get started discovering whether we are the right firm for you. Call (407) 442-4444 or email us to request your consultation.