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About Personal Injury Protection (PIP) In Orlando

In the spring of 2021, the Florida state legislature repealed personal injury protection (PIP) or no-fault insurance in the state. Ultimately, however, the governor vetoed that bill and PIP coverage in auto insurance remained the law of the land.

Florida is one of 12 states that have no-fault insurance laws. Under no-fault insurance rules in our state, injured drivers’ own auto insurance provides personal injury protection (PIP) for themselves and their passengers, up to $10,000 per person or $20,000 total per accident. PIP benefits will cover up to 80% of medical costs and up to 60% of wage loss.

Despite the protection that PIP offers, many people’s injuries resulting from crashes end up costing more than $10,000. After their own insurers have paid out the $10,000 limit, it may be possible and necessary for an injured person to sue another driver who can be shown have been negligent.

At Law Office of Modoline Altenor, P.A., you will find knowledge, experience and persistence as we work to help you maximize recovery from all sources, including your own PIP insurance benefits.

Why You Need An Attorney When You Have PIP Coverage

Some people assume that PIP benefits will be paid automatically after an accident so they put off contacting an attorney. This wrong notion can be a costly mistake. Many people run into brick walls when they seek explanations and help from their insurers.

What can you do if your insurance company refuses to pay your medical expenses even though your policy includes PIP as required by Florida laws? I am attorney Modoline Altenor, and I can put your mind at ease and let you work at healing after a car accident that has injured you or taken the life of your loved one.

Honesty Is Our Best Policy

When Law Office of Modoline Altenor, P.A., is on your side after an accident, you can expect honest assessments of your sources of compensation. We will never mislead you into believing that your case is worth more than it actually is.

You can count on the determined application of our experience, energy and work ethic. Most people do not have experience analyzing fault and liability issues. My staff and I will leave no stones unturned as we pursue all paths to your recovery. We will not rest until we have done all that we can to help you find ways to pay for your injuries and losses.

We offer our clients clear explanations of PIP and more, beginning with a free initial consultation. Call (407) 442-4444 or complete an online form to get the conversation started.