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Reasons You Need A Lawyer After A Orlando Pedestrian Or Bicycle Accident

Bicycle and pedestrian accidents often occur in the same locations as other traffic accidents: in county roads, city streets and parking lots. People on foot and those riding bicycles usually have the same rights to the road that drivers of cars and trucks do. What they do not have that drivers and passengers have, however, is the protection of vehicles’ steel bodies in case of a crash.

The force of a car or truck striking a walker, jogger or bicyclist – even at a slow speed – is often enough to cause serious, catastrophic or fatal injuries. The typical severity of injuries to a pedestrian or bicyclist is a strong reason to make legal counsel important. At Law Office of Modoline Altenor, P.A., based in Orlando, you will find the caliber of legal representation that you will need to protect your rights after suffering serious injuries or losing a loved one in such an accident.

Other Reasons To Contact An Attorney

Bicycle and pedestrian accidents are often hit-and-run accidents. When this happens, your case could become complicated. However, please don’t assume there is no hope of financial recovery for you. At Law Office of Modoline Altenor, P.A., we work hard to discover all sources of compensation for our clients.

Even if your accident was not a hit and run, insurance and liability issues can become complicated when a liable party or their insurer claims you were at fault or partially at fault.

Although contributory negligence no longer strictly applies in Florida, that does not stop legal opponents from trying to find every possible way to avoid paying full compensation to a seriously injured pedestrian or bicyclist.

The best way to overcome obstacles and move your personal injury case forward is to get quality legal counsel on your side from the beginning. We are here to help maximize your chances of fair financial recovery after suffering injuries as a bicyclist or pedestrian.

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