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A Dedicated Orlando Auto Accident Attorney

At the Law Office of Modoline Altenor, P.A., we have helped many people in your exact situation. After a serious auto accident in Florida, the biggest obstacle to healing is often getting paid.

Who knew that car accident injuries could be so devastating? You’ve probably asked yourself that question at least once since you or a loved one was involved in an automobile accident. Even if you felt okay right after the crash, the next morning may have been a different story. Since that day, the real impact of your car crash may become evident. You are ready to seek legal advice – an intelligent next step.

Your Car Accident Injuries Won’t Disappear When Your Claims Adjuster Goes Home.

Like many Floridians, you probably assumed that auto insurance – either yours or the other driver’s – would cover your medical costs and other expenses after an accident. But, as you’ve probably found out, there are several problems that can easily keep you away from the compensation you deserve:

  • As a Florida driver, your policy comes with Personal Injury Protection (PIP), which is designed to pay regardless of who caused the accident. But in order to keep your insurance costs down, many agents only sell you the minimum amount – $10,000 per accident. Your policy won’t pay for expenses above the limit you chose.
  • The other driver might not have insurance at all. In fact, according to the Orlando Sentinel, almost 24% of all drivers in Florida have no car insurance. If you’re hit by an uninsured driver, you can’t recover from their liability coverage when there isn’t any!
  • Claims can take weeks or months to settle. Insurance claims adjusters have a heavy workload, so it could take a long time for them to make a determination and get you your money.

Add it all up, and it’s no wonder so many Floridians are going without the medical care they need after a car accident. Legal representation can make a great difference.

Reach out us at the Law Office of Modoline Altenor, P.A., to schedule a time to talk about your car accident. Call (407) 442-4444.

You Deserve More. That’s Why We’re Here To Help.

You or your injured loved one has the right to be “made whole” – that is, to be put back in the same economic position as if the accident had never happened. That doesn’t always happen, of course. But that is the goal of my staff, and I for each of our clients at the Law Office of Modoline Altenor, P.A..

From the moment we meet, you’ll know you’re in the right place. As a proud Florida resident and auto accident lawyer based in Orlando, I take enormous pride in helping my fellow Floridians get the compensation they need to fully recover from car accidents.

In some cases, we are able to help clients recover compensation for pain and suffering as well as medical expenses and lost wages.

Now, no two cases are the same, so we cannot promise a particular outcome for you. We can tell you, though, that if you decide to just trust what an auto insurance company representative tells you, there’s a good chance you’ll be leaving money on the table. Money could take care of many of your losses and expenses.

Some auto accident attorneys promise prospects big settlements and then ask for upfront payment to cover their fees. But what happens if they lose? Not only have you lost the compensation you’re entitled to, but you’ve also lost all the money you paid your attorney, too.

That’s why we won’t charge you anything until you get paid. If we take your case, we’re in it to win for you. Simple as that.

Get Answers And Help Now

Don’t keep wondering if you’re going to get paid for your car accident injuries – contact us online or call (407) 442-4444 and let’s set up a time to talk.

We’ll discuss the details of your accident and injuries and, if you’re ready, get to work on getting you paid.