Why you should consider a visit to the Discovery Cove

Strategically positioned right next to Seaworld Orlando Fl, the Discovery Cove is without a doubt one of the most attractive destinations in the area. One of the main features of this park is the fact that visitors are usually able to freely interact with the present ocean life.

Without a doubt, the Discovery Cove Orlando Florida is one place loaded with fun and excitement with certain distinct features such as the large collection of birds, especially of exotic stocks. In addition to this, visitors will also be treated to a river which they can freely chill out in.

Interesting facts about the Discovery Cove Orlando

The Discovery Cove Orlando is certainly one destination that is well loaded with excitement and fun and the reasons are not farfetched. First and foremost, there are certain distinct facilities pre-installed by nature with a view to ensure that a visit is nothing short of worthwhile. The coral reefs, the river, the aviary as well as the tropical swim area where you can take a dive in the pool are some of the reasons why this is one destination tourists and visitors alike find difficult to resist per time.

It is important to note that Discovery Cove is an aquatic resort that comes with diverse features such as wildlife education, encounters with animals, water activities. As the day goes on, visitors will have the unique opportunity to engage in nearly all activities ranging from snorkeling to a private cabana with drinks and food. On the average, there are up to 1300 guests visiting the cove each and every other day which makes it important that visitors book their space in advance.

In addition to this is the fact that you really do not need to come to the cove with anything other than yourself and maybe your swimsuit. The point is that the cove provides the guest with basically everything they need to have a wonderful time. Furthermore, the fun at the cove does not allow visitors to suffer hunger as there always food on offer. It is also on record that the facility places a high premium on the safety of the animals and guests alike. In order to achieve this, facilities such as sunscreens, life vests, and the likes are usually provided for secure stay.

The discovery cove Florida as a tourist destination

Tourists and visitors alike can rest assured that a visit to the Discovery Cove Orlando can only turn out to be a once in a lifetime kind of experience. The reasons for these are quite numerous and can be attested to by the thousands of guests it receives on a weekly basis. The unique facilities on the ground as well as the plant and animal life on the ground make this a unique destination for those seeking to strike a connection with Mother Nature while also having fun.


It should be noted that the above-mentioned points are just a few of the main reasons why the Discovery Cove Orlando FL is one of the most desired destinations in America. However, there are dozens of other reasons why you may want to schedule a visit.