Why the Merrit Island National Wildlife Refuge Orlando Florida Should Be Your Next Holiday Destination

With a total landmass of about 140,000 acres, the Merrit Island National Wildlife Refuge Orlando Florida holds the unique reputation of being about four times the total size of the world-famous Walt Disney World Resort.

The Merrit Island National Wildlife Refuge is without a doubt the right destination for visitors who desire to have a firsthand feel of what the southern life is all about while getting to see some of the well-preserved indigenous species. Therefore, for tourists who desire to be closer to nature, the Merrit Island National wildlife Refuge Orlando is the perfect place.

Interesting facts about Merrit Island National wildlife Refuge Florida

There are a number of jaw-dropping facts about the National Wildlife Refuge. First and foremost, it holds the unique title of a U.S. National wildlife Refuge one among the select 562 spaces been protected in America. The collection of organized life in this island may be such as you have never seen before. For instance, it is home to well above a thousand species of plants.

In addition to these, the Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge Orlando has a unique collection of about 330 different species of birds as well as 117 fish species in addition to 31 diverse mammal species.

Aside the aforementioned facts, the wildlife refuge also has enough resources to amuse those who have a thing for reptiles as there are 68 species on the ground. This and more make a visit to this site an unforgettable one for tourists.

Furthermore, having a firsthand experience of the refuge itself is one aspect of the Refuge visitors must as a matter of necessity never miss.  Tourists could start up by going on a tour of the lagoon using any of the available Kayaks while also catching the sight of crystal clear waters located at the Indian River. With diverse animal species ranging from loggerhead sea turtles to American Alligators, the Merrit Island National Wildlife Refuge Orlando Florida is certainly one Tourist destination that every tourist should visit.

Merrit Island National Wildlife Refuge Orlando Florida

The National Wildlife Refuge at Merrit Island is perhaps one of the best tourist sites especially for genuine lovers of nature. With a unique reputation of playing host to the largest collection of Species in America, it is certainly the right destination for those seeking to connect to nature and what it has to offer.

One fact that may interest tourists and visitors alike is that there are large collections of endangered species such as the Osprey, the American Alligator, and Green turtle. Visitors will also discover that quite a number of Waterfowl species make use of the Refuge as some sort of ground for wintering; this is in addition to the Northern Shoveler and the Teal. Facilities for hiking and driving trails are also made available for visitors with the unique opportunity to monitor the wildlife without having to disturb them.


With the large collection of plant and animal life coupled with the well laid out facilities on the ground, National Wildlife Refuge at Merrit Island Orlando Fl is definitely a one-holiday destination that should attract those hoping to make long-lasting memories.