What a Trip to Walt Disney World Florida Will Be Like For You

With a worldwide reputation as one of the best places to go for fun seekers, Walt Disney World is perhaps one of the main reasons why Orlando FL is one place to visit. This is one place that has just about everything to make your stay a rather rewarding one. In summary, whatever it is you can imagine is needed to have fun, this is one place that you can be sure to get it.

Within the Disney World, you will find 4 awesome parks namely; the Hollywood studios, the EPCOT center, the Animal Kingdom as well as the Magic Kingdom. Each of the aforementioned places has its own unique flavor from exciting live shows to thrilling rides as well as an opportunity to meet your favorite characters.

Interesting facts about Walt Disney World Orlando Florida

Walt Disney World is one place that comes as a complete package for tourists and visitors alike. The reason for this is not farfetched. First and foremost, regardless of the game you choose to play on the water parks, you can be assured that they won’t disappoint you. In addition to this, you can further spice up your experience by getting you and your family involved in the fun line up the miniature golf courses have to offer. The Fantasia Gardens & Fairway Miniature Golf course, as well as the Winter Summerland Miniature Golf, is unique facilities that should make your stay worthwhile.

The four theme parks Walt Disney has in Orlando, Florida each have their own unique features tailored to meet the needs of everyone. The Magic, for instance, is equipped with the legendary Cinderella Castle which is composed of every one of Disney’s Character such as Minnie Mouse and Mickey Mouse, Pluto, Goofy and so on. The Epcot center, on the other hand, is one place that is designed for conservatory purposes. You will have the opportunity to have a feel of the culture and food of diverse countries here.

Furthermore, Disney’s Hollywood studio comes with diverse Disney stories and movies. You will have the opportunity to huge shows and movies such as Frozen and Indiana Jones. Finally, the last of the four major parks constructed at the Walt Disney World Orlando FL is the Animal Kingdom. In this park, you are sure to find different animals from Asia and Africa such as Giraffes, Lions, and elephants and so on.

Walt Disney World Florida as a tourist center

There is more to Walt Disney World than theme parks. There are unique facilities such as water parks, miniature golf courses, fishing facilities, and a whole lot of other fun activities. In addition to the aforementioned, you will also find world-renowned eateries at Disney Springs. This and more make it one unique tourist destination that should make any visit worthwhile.


With the unique options available for fun seekers, Walt Disney World Orlando Florida is doubtless a top choice for the family, especially if having fun while relaxing is the aim.