Good reasons why you should schedule a visit to Orange County Regional History Center Orlando FL

The prestigious Orange County Regional History Center Orlando Florida is one unique place for lovers of history and culture. It is located within a legendary courthouse in the middle of downtown Orlando. This unique location is composed of four floors of about twelve thousand years of the rich and unique cultural heritage Central Florida possesses.

There are dozens of exhibitions you may opt to explore during your visit to the center. For instance, lovers of African American History and culture may choose to increase their knowledge and grasp of the stories of African Americans in Central Florida during times past. Also, tourist may choose to catch a glimpse of John young the astronaut from Orlando’s journey to space. Whatever the choice you make, there is something for everyone.

Interesting facts about Orange County Regional History Center Orlando Florida

Without a doubt, this is one sure place to connect with the rich socio-economic history behind Florida as a whole. There are several aspects of a visit here that should connect even the most distant person to live as it was in time past as far as Orlando is concerned. First and foremost, tourists may opt to explore the story behind the people that once walked and lived here. It would interest you to note that long before the Europeans came, there were people inhabiting Florida known as the indigenous people.  They predated the coming of the Europeans back in the 16th century.

Another wonderful aspect of this unique tourist site is the natural environment. The diversity of fauna, flora as well as geography on offer all makes it nothing less than breathtaking. Visitors will also have the opportunity to learn just how the famous sinkhole of Winter Park managed to swallow a whole city block, a house as well as cars.

Furthermore, visitors will also have the unique opportunity of seeing firsthand the pioneer cabin used during the 19th century. This cabin has features such as beds that were stuffed using primitive items such as butter churn and moss. In addition to this, tourists will also have the opportunity to understand the unique transition from what used to be predominantly agricultural are into a society that is centered on tourism especially upon the opening of Walt Disney World back in 1971.

Orange County Regional History Center Orlando Florida as a tourist center

For tourists looking to have a feel of what used to be in Florida as a whole, this is the ideal spot without a doubt. With a reputation as one of the foremost cultural institutions of Florida, this Center operates with a mandate to connect the past, present, and future with a view to creating beautiful memories for visitors. With unique programs such as traveling exhibits, limited run exhibitions as well as other rich programs, visitors will certainly create beautiful memories.


Orange County Regional History Center Orlando Florida is definitely one tourist site anyone should fix in their schedule especially if such people appreciate history. From the aforementioned points, it is obvious that a visit will certainly be a worthwhile experience.