A Few Things to Help Make Your Gatorland Orlando Florida Experience Awesome

For the tourist with passion for the wild, Gatorland Orlando Fl is the ideal destination. This is one place where you will have the unique opportunity of getting close to alligators without having your finances bitten off. Strategically situated in between Kissimmee and Orlando, Gatorland is, without doubt, one of the classic points of attraction of Central Florida.

With a total land mass of about 110 acres, there is basically something for everybody in Gatorland. With a large collection of crocodiles and alligators running into thousands as well as the aviary, the nature walk, the bird rookery. Other unique facilities such as its popular gift shop, shows such as the Gator wrestling and a host of others make a visit to the Gatorland a rather unique experience.

Interesting facts about Gatorland Orlando Fl

There are a lot of reasons why Gatorland is one tourist site every visitor should consider paying a visit. First and foremost, visitors may choose to have a look into the white Gator swamp with its unique collection of large white alligators. Also, one other thing visitors may want to try out is the express train of Gatorland upon which you can connect with your family to the Splash Park where your kids should have a great time.

In addition to this, visitors in search of some pump of excitement may try out their hands on the Gator Zipline which has the unique honor of being named the Top Zip line in America, an honor conferred by the prestigious AOL travel. Also, you could take a trip traversing the Wetlands of Florida straight into the pond of real-life alligators. Without a doubt, there are few places in the world where one can catch such a high level of excitement at close quarters.

Furthermore, tourists and guests alike can opt to experience the other life forms present in the park such as the turtles, birdwatching and nature walk. You may also need to take a good look at the mission and history of Gatorland. This may seem like a rather boring proposition; however, there is a really awesome story behind the progress of the park.

Gatorland is also a great place for those who have a thing for Ziplining. It does not matter if you are scared of heights as there are guides on the ground to help you gain confidence. It should be noted that there are in total 5 zip lines which comprise of one that goes directly over the alligators.

Gatorland Florida as a tourist center

There are more than a dozen reasons besides the Alligators that make visitors want to come to Gatorland Orlando FL. This is definitely one place that should create lasting memories for visitors seeking a shift from the norm especially as far as vacations are concerned. Also, the hotel facilities on offer at Gatorland Orlando Florida are adequate enough to receive you after you must have exhausted yourself with all the fun activities on offer.


With the unique line up on offer at Gatorland, visitors should have enough during their visit to keep them busy all through. It should, however, be noted that there is no limit to the fun available at the park for fun seekers.