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What is the Pedestrian and Bicycle Strategic Safety Plan (PBSSP)?

On Behalf of | Aug 1, 2023 | Car Accidents

Pedestrians are one of the most vulnerable groups on the roadways. They have no protection in an accident and will suffer the most serious injuries.

Due to this, the state knows it is essential to do everything possible to provide the safest environment for pedestrians and the other vulnerable group, bicyclists. To do this, authorities instituted the Pedestrian and Bicycle Strategic Safety Plan.

What is the PBSSP?

The PBSSP began in 2021. It is a five-year plan to help reduce accidents through several steps. One of the major goals is also to gather as much data as possible about accidents involving these groups. The PBSSP also sets priorities for implementing safety strategies and coordinates various agencies at the local, state and federal levels to work together to reach the program’s goals.

Specific steps in the program

Through the PBSSP, the state will implement a visibility enforcement program, which will get more law enforcement officers in public so people can see them helping to enforce the laws that protect pedestrians and bicyclists.

It also will increase awareness of traffic laws for non-drivers. This will happen through public safety programs and campaigns that ensure everyone is aware of the rules for using the roadways safely.

The PBSSP also will use grants to make the roadways safer. The program involves securing these grants and then putting them to use in ways that match the data gathered to greatly increase security for vulnerable groups.

Through the PBSSP, the goal is to reduce pedestrian and bicycle accidents and protect these groups from harm. The idea is to increase overall safety and harmony on the roads for everyone.